Before It’s News features article on ManyShip

Before It's News Features ManyShip in Article

Before It’s News Features ManyShip in Article

In the past few weeks ManyShip has been seeing a lot of coverage in the press.  Recently, did a piece on focusing on how we are connecting travelers around the world with people who need to send goods. The article features some awesome points on how high prices, obligations, and a lack of efficiency in the shipping market have created problems for senders, and “many of the uncertainties and high costs are eliminated with ManyShip, which even supports international delivery”.

Here are some other highlights of the article:

” ManyShip, is attempting to offer similar revolution in connecting travelers with cargo”

“ManyShip could surely be one of its kind, Social Shipping Platform”

“Travelers can go to the site and make a post detailing their trip, how much extra space they have and how much they want to be paid to carry a package for someone”

“Travelers stand to earn money as well as rewards, apart from making new connections and friends.”

They also commented on the trust and safety factor which is our number one priority at ManyShip saying “ManyShip is offering similar services in the cargo shipment segment. Platforms like AirBNB have already proven that such innovations do work against the obvious factor of distrust. Do give the platform a chance and let us know your views.”

Read the full article here: ManyShip Attempting to Connect Travelers with Cargo.

ManyShip Founder and CEO Prasad Kopanati featured on CareerHack

ManyShip Founder Featured in CareerHack

On Monday published an interview and story about ManyShip Founder and CEO Prasad Kopanati, and his journey from a student in India to launching a startup in Silicon Valley.  The interview titled How to Launch a Silicon Valley Startup as an Immigrant focused on Prasad’s 12 year journey since he arrived in the US as a student pursuing his Master’s Degree.

Chalked full of insight, hardship, and the struggles many internationals face coming to the US, Prasad describes first hand the startups he worked with and previously founded, and the lessons he has taken from them in order to pursue success with ManyShip.  The story is a touching one of goals and hope for the future for those who are willing to pursue their dreams and stay persistent in the face of adversity.  Furthermore, it highlights how Prasad is focused on solving a real life problem that he and millions of others around the world face on a daily basis. is a website dedicated to helping people survive and thrive in the new economy focused on entrepreneurship and international careers.  Read the full article here:

ManyShip Featured on the NextBigWhat

This past week ManyShip was featured on the NextBigWhat, India’s biggest platform for tech entrepreneurs. The article titled “Peer to Peer Network ManyShip Wants to be the AirBnB for Posts & Parcels” marks an important step of progress for ManyShip and our peer-to-peer (P2P) social shipping platform, as it helps to validate and establish our presence as an up and coming reputable startup in the international market.

Here are a few of the highlight quotes from the article:

“If you love sending stuff to relatives living abroad, you are going to love ManyShip.”

“The site has an intuitive user interface and makes things easy for both travelers looking to earn some extra bucks on the side and for people wanting to send stuff abroad. ”

“…the service has many things going for it. It saves time and money. It’s also environment friendly.”

The article also covers our vision, by quoting Michael Bennett, who focuses on ManyShip’s business and growth, saying “By connecting the millions of people traveling each day on local, national, and international levels, we aim to create a global network of people sending goods and helping others by becoming ManyShip travelers” and makes reference to the value that trust networks and scale play into making sharing economy based companies like ManyShip successful.

Click on the link here ( to read the full article from NextBigWhat writer Jayadevan PK.