Before It’s News features article on ManyShip

Before It's News Features ManyShip in Article

Before It’s News Features ManyShip in Article

In the past few weeks ManyShip has been seeing a lot of coverage in the press.  Recently, did a piece on focusing on how we are connecting travelers around the world with people who need to send goods. The article features some awesome points on how high prices, obligations, and a lack of efficiency in the shipping market have created problems for senders, and “many of the uncertainties and high costs are eliminated with ManyShip, which even supports international delivery”.

Here are some other highlights of the article:

” ManyShip, is attempting to offer similar revolution in connecting travelers with cargo”

“ManyShip could surely be one of its kind, Social Shipping Platform”

“Travelers can go to the site and make a post detailing their trip, how much extra space they have and how much they want to be paid to carry a package for someone”

“Travelers stand to earn money as well as rewards, apart from making new connections and friends.”

They also commented on the trust and safety factor which is our number one priority at ManyShip saying “ManyShip is offering similar services in the cargo shipment segment. Platforms like AirBNB have already proven that such innovations do work against the obvious factor of distrust. Do give the platform a chance and let us know your views.”

Read the full article here: ManyShip Attempting to Connect Travelers with Cargo.

Do you really think long trips are that boring?

By Rui Wang

Seagulls travel long distances in search of food

Seagulls travel long distances in search of food

If someone asked you whether you prefer short trips over the long tripsyour answer may be an instant ‘yes’. The reason is that the transportation is usually driven by other objectives such as going to work, meeting with friends, or shopping. As a result, you want to minimize your travel time to achieve these objectives.

However, in the case of biking or hiking, you may prefer a longer route . In such cases, your objective is to ‘exercise’, and thus the process of traveling serves a purpose. You may prefer a 30 minute route to a 15 minute one for the extra calories burnt. Therefore, travel time is no longer merely a cost, but has its own added value.

The added value of travel time does not limit to transportation modes that involve ‘exercise’ such as  walking or biking. Researchers also found that in commuting processes such as rail transportation, travelers sometimes prefer longer trips because of the extra ‘productivity’ can be gained during the trip. Thus, by taking a longer rail trip, you have a better chance of sitting down and getting some work done.  The longer travel time and the higher level of comfort in the train allow  passengers to utilize the travel time through ‘multitasking’.

With the development of technology, especially the broader availability of Wi-Fi, multitasking during traveling becomes increasingly popular. And thus, traveling can be more than just some boring waiting time, but the time you can utilize to gain extra value.

So, next time when you travel think about multitasking and utilizing the time wisely rather than mulling over the good and bad of a long trip over a short one.

Find more fun ways to making your long trips worthy at

Know the Value of Your Travel Time

By Rui Wang

Value of travel time explained at

Time is Money. Picture courtesy

In transportation economics, the value of travel time refers to the amount of money a traveler is willing to pay in order to save a certain amount of time, or the amount of money the traveler would consider accepting as compensation for losing the time.

As a traveler, you probably do not judge the value of your time consciously. But you can probably imagine that the value of travel time changes with the purpose of your trip. For instance, a business trip usually has tighter schedules and hence the penalty from a longer trip is greater.

Researchers observed that the value of time of business travelers is significantly higher than that of leisure travelers. Among air travelers, the value of travel time is between $30/hour and $60/hour for business travelers, while the value is only between $4/hour and $17/hour for leisure travelers. This means that as a leisure traveler, you are willing to choose a travel alternative that is twice as long as a business trip in order to save money.

Besides travel purposes, the length of the trip also affects your evaluation of travel time. If the impact is studied for a travel time increase of 1 hour in a 1-hour trip versus a 5-hour trip, the impact of the increase is way more significant in the first case. Researchers also observed that the value of time diminishes as travel time increases. Therefore, for a flight longer than 4 hours, you are more likely to consider taking a connecting flight. While for a flight that is about 1-hour, travelers seldom consider a connecting flight. Also as a result, airlines seldom provide such services.

Next time when you plan a trip, think about the purpose of your travel and the length of your trip, and see how the value of time is reflected in your life.

Why You Need Travel Medical Insurance – The Infographic

According to this wiki article travel insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, financial default of travel suppliers, and other losses incurred while traveling, either within one’s own country, or internationally. Plans which include health coverage for medical emergency due to accident or sickness is also referred to as travel medical insurance or visitors health insurance plans.

There are various reasons why someone needs a travel health insurance and how it can save him or her money when the unexpected happens. The infographic below may provide more information about the travel health insurance, it’s purpose and ways to buy it.

Click on the image below to view an enlarged version of this infographic.

Why you need Travel Insurance - The Infographic

View an enlarged version of this infographic.

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This infographic is brought to you by ManyShip.

The data in the infographic is obtained from various sources, including:
Visitors Insurance 101
How to Buy Good Travel Insurance
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Understanding Health Insurance Terms

4 ways to transport your moped or scooter

Cheap moped transport ManyShip

Transport your moped – photo courtesy

Here are 4 ways to transport your scooter or moped.

Use a moving company
A simple Google search will give you a long list of moving companies that can transport your vehicle. These companies typically charge you anywhere between $400 and $800. This option can be expensive and time consuming.

DIY moving
Try moving the moped (or scooter) yourself. Rent a U-Haul truck, van, minivan, pickup truck or similar and load the moped into the rented vehicle. Check out this video that shows how to load a moped into a pickup truck. This wiki article talks about various methods for loading a scooter into pickup truck.

You can read experiences of other people who have transported their mopeds. For example, Martin Olkowicz says “put the [mo]ped in the center of the bed, put the center stand down, and just hook one end of each strap to one side of the handlebars or triple tree and the other end into the stake pocket/tie down eyelet/cleat depending on what your truck has, ratchet them down evenly”. You can read the complete discussion here. There are several other discussions on this topic such as this onethis one, and this one.

Transporting a moped yourself is less expensive, but can be very time consuming.

Find someone on Craigslist
You might get lucky, and it’s not uncommon, to find someone who can pick up your moped and drop off at a place and time convenient for you. If you are lucky, you might get your moped delivered cheap and in a much faster way. However, finding someone on Craigslist and establishing a trust might be tricky.

Use a crowd shipping company

ManyShip is a crowd shipping company that specializes in connecting people who are going to places with people who need to send stuff with them. You save on shipping and get express delivery for less. This is a smart and cheap way of shipping.

You can find someone on ManyShip who is traveling that way and request them to deliver your moped. You can also post a need to get your moped delivered. You have complete control on how much you wish to offer and the time frame for the delivery.

Additionally, you help protect the environment too. When you get your moped delivered from a traveler, who plans to travel that route anyway, you help eliminate the need for another vehicle to travel same route. Thus, you help reduce the carbon emissions and thus create a greener environment for all of us.

ManyShip is a cheaper, faster and greener way of shipping.

Check out how Kyle, a ManyShip user, is trying to save on transporting his moped. Someone who is traveling the same route may transport Kyle’s moped and can easily offset some of the travel costs.

Check out more about
 ManyShip or simply sign up now.

7 tips for a pleasant road trip

Most of us will be on the road driving to a location for the upcoming long weekend. Here are 7 tips that will help make your road trip better.

1) Rent a vehicle: Renting a vehicle seems like a better choice for multiple reasons. First, rental vehicles are up to date on their service schedule, clean, and newer (most rental car companies rent out newer models with very low miles). Second, you have a choice to rent a bigger and spacious vehicle, which gives you extra comfort on a long drive. Third, renting a vehicle over a long weekend is not very expensive either. Thus for a small price you can save on the wear and tear of your own vehicle.

A spacious car is comfy and better on the road.

A spacious car is comfy and better on the road.

2)  Start in the AM: People tend to start their long weekend around 3 PM on a given day. As a result, most of the drivers are on the road around the same time. No wonder the roads get clogged and result in huge delays. Unless traffic jams don’t bother you that much, slightly modify the start time of your trip. Instead of starting on a Friday (or Thursday), you may choose to start at a different day and time. For example, you may start around 5 AM on the next day.

Early AM for a ride

Early in the morning is a perfect time to start your trip.

3. Drink coffee: Starting early in the morning around 5 AM, means a quick stop at the gas station to pick up coffee. It’s a great way to start your trip. First, sipping coffee as the sun is still trying to break out is simply fun. Second, the caffeine will try to fight your sleep. Moreover, you can use this opportunity to fill up your gas tank.

A nice coffee is wonderful

Wonder why coffee is so wonderful early in the morning? Umm… never mind.. Just enjoy..

4. Use rest areas: Map the rest areas on your way. Rest areas are not only scenic, but they provide you with quick access to the facilities. You don’t want to be wandering in the gas stations and waiting long lines for the restroom.

Rest areas live up to their names

Rest areas, mostly situated in scenic locations, give you the much needed quick break.

5. Listen to music: Be sure to have your favorite music CDs handy. Don’t rely on the radio or on the smart phone. Radio may be unavailable due to loss of signal, while your smart phone might be out of juice! Music is fun on the road.

Listen to good music

Music helps break the monotony of driving.

6. Take a quick lunch: If you start early around 5 AM, take the needed breaks for coffee, rest at scenic areas, etc, then you would be very close to your destination by noon. You may choose to stop for a quick lunch at a fast food place. Fast food is not only quick, but also lighter than a full course meal. You save time and money!

Great tasting food

Pick the healthy fast food place. You will love the rest of the ride!

7. Check in at a hotel after noon: Perhaps by 1 PM or so you should be able to check in at a hotel, leave your luggage, and start your memorable vacation. This way you can save a day’s worth of hotel costs.

Follow these 7 tips to receive the following benefits:

  • Avoid the most dreaded traffic congestion.
  • Save money on your hotel charges. (You might think you could start your vacation earlier by traveling on a Friday, but in reality you would reach the destination late in the night (thanks to all the traffic jams), wake up late and, start late the next day.)
  • Enjoy the early morning ride and the nature on the way.
Beach and sun are real fun

Waste no more time. Crash into your vacation.

Hope you will have a safe and fun trip. Enjoy the long weekend!

ManyShip is an online venue that connects people who need to send something somewhere with people going that way. It’s a smart and cheap way of shipping stuff. If you are traveling then it’s a simple way to start earning money. You can offset some of your travel costs. Sign up now at ManyShip.