ManyShip Founder and CEO Prasad Kopanati featured on CareerHack

ManyShip Founder Featured in CareerHack

On Monday published an interview and story about ManyShip Founder and CEO Prasad Kopanati, and his journey from a student in India to launching a startup in Silicon Valley.  The interview titled How to Launch a Silicon Valley Startup as an Immigrant focused on Prasad’s 12 year journey since he arrived in the US as a student pursuing his Master’s Degree.

Chalked full of insight, hardship, and the struggles many internationals face coming to the US, Prasad describes first hand the startups he worked with and previously founded, and the lessons he has taken from them in order to pursue success with ManyShip.  The story is a touching one of goals and hope for the future for those who are willing to pursue their dreams and stay persistent in the face of adversity.  Furthermore, it highlights how Prasad is focused on solving a real life problem that he and millions of others around the world face on a daily basis. is a website dedicated to helping people survive and thrive in the new economy focused on entrepreneurship and international careers.  Read the full article here: