4 ways to transport your moped or scooter

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Transport your moped – photo courtesy http://www.mopedarmy.com/

Here are 4 ways to transport your scooter or moped.

Use a moving company
A simple Google search will give you a long list of moving companies that can transport your vehicle. These companies typically charge you anywhere between $400 and $800. This option can be expensive and time consuming.

DIY moving
Try moving the moped (or scooter) yourself. Rent a U-Haul truck, van, minivan, pickup truck or similar and load the moped into the rented vehicle. Check out this video that shows how to load a moped into a pickup truck. This wiki article talks about various methods for loading a scooter into pickup truck.

You can read experiences of other people who have transported their mopeds. For example, Martin Olkowicz says “put the [mo]ped in the center of the bed, put the center stand down, and just hook one end of each strap to one side of the handlebars or triple tree and the other end into the stake pocket/tie down eyelet/cleat depending on what your truck has, ratchet them down evenly”. You can read the complete discussion here. There are several other discussions on this topic such as this onethis one, and this one.

Transporting a moped yourself is less expensive, but can be very time consuming.

Find someone on Craigslist
You might get lucky, and it’s not uncommon, to find someone who can pick up your moped and drop off at a place and time convenient for you. If you are lucky, you might get your moped delivered cheap and in a much faster way. However, finding someone on Craigslist and establishing a trust might be tricky.

Use a crowd shipping company

ManyShip is a crowd shipping company that specializes in connecting people who are going to places with people who need to send stuff with them. You save on shipping and get express delivery for less. This is a smart and cheap way of shipping.

You can find someone on ManyShip who is traveling that way and request them to deliver your moped. You can also post a need to get your moped delivered. You have complete control on how much you wish to offer and the time frame for the delivery.

Additionally, you help protect the environment too. When you get your moped delivered from a traveler, who plans to travel that route anyway, you help eliminate the need for another vehicle to travel same route. Thus, you help reduce the carbon emissions and thus create a greener environment for all of us.

ManyShip is a cheaper, faster and greener way of shipping.

Check out how Kyle, a ManyShip user, is trying to save on transporting his moped. Someone who is traveling the same route may transport Kyle’s moped and can easily offset some of the travel costs.

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