Before It’s News features article on ManyShip

Before It's News Features ManyShip in Article

Before It’s News Features ManyShip in Article

In the past few weeks ManyShip has been seeing a lot of coverage in the press.  Recently, did a piece on focusing on how we are connecting travelers around the world with people who need to send goods. The article features some awesome points on how high prices, obligations, and a lack of efficiency in the shipping market have created problems for senders, and “many of the uncertainties and high costs are eliminated with ManyShip, which even supports international delivery”.

Here are some other highlights of the article:

” ManyShip, is attempting to offer similar revolution in connecting travelers with cargo”

“ManyShip could surely be one of its kind, Social Shipping Platform”

“Travelers can go to the site and make a post detailing their trip, how much extra space they have and how much they want to be paid to carry a package for someone”

“Travelers stand to earn money as well as rewards, apart from making new connections and friends.”

They also commented on the trust and safety factor which is our number one priority at ManyShip saying “ManyShip is offering similar services in the cargo shipment segment. Platforms like AirBNB have already proven that such innovations do work against the obvious factor of distrust. Do give the platform a chance and let us know your views.”

Read the full article here: ManyShip Attempting to Connect Travelers with Cargo.

Cryptocurrencies and VLab BitCoin conference

According to Wiki CryptoCurrency (or virtual currency) is a type of digital currency that relies on cryptography, is peer-to-peer, and decentralized.

Though it is hard for us to imagine using a peer-to-peer type of currency, cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin are becoming main stream.

At one of the conferences organized by MIT-Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB) on June 18, a group of panelists (pictured below) shed light on why virtual currencies can be a game changer and how they can create a plain field in the e-commerce industry allowing buyers from various geographies to buy things from anywhere in the world.


From left to right – Fred Ehrsam (Co-Founder of Coinbase, a digital Bitcoin wallet), Wendy Cheung (Director of Compliance and BSA Officer, Silicon Valley Bank), Cameron Winklevoss (Principal Investor at Winklevoss Capital) and Tyler Winklevoss (Principal Investor at Winklevoss Capital)


From left to right – Chris Larsen (CEO and Co-Founder, OpenCoin, the company developing the Ripple protocol), Fred Ehrsam (Co-Founder of Coinbase, a digital Bitcoin wallet), Wendy Cheung (Director of Compliance and BSA Officer, Silicon Valley Bank), Cameron Winklevoss (Principal Investor at Winklevoss Capital)

Virtual currency is particularly interesting for us at ManyShip as we try to grow our platform to the various other countries of the world, such as India, China, Indonesia, countries in Europe, etc. Each of these countries have a different currency system, and dealing with various payment providers, merchant fees, cultural issues can be challenging. We would hope that virtual currencies become more popular and more businesses accept them so that users have more buying power. In addition users would be able to buy things that they previously couldn’t due to exchange or currency issues.

You can also read more about this BitCoin conference here.

ManyShip is a social shipping and delivery community that allows you to easily find travelers who are willing to carry your goods to places or find senders who need to ship goods to places you plan to travel. Check out more about ManyShip.